It's a tough gig being a girl.


Especially when you’re the partner of a builder or Tradesman!

I'm Serious!

Women are full or hormones and emotions that men have NO IDEA about,  and realistically the more they try to understand women, the more confused they are.

Women with husbands or partners who are Builders or Tradesmen are often given the job of the bookwork - including invoicing, calling up jobs, following up unpaid invoices, calling subbies who haven't turned up for work,  Being an encourager to a partner whose had a hard day, or perhaps has spent too long at the pub after work;    all whilst running a home, being a good mum and wife/ partner and smiling the whole time.

Most of us don’t even know where to start, but we do try….
Switching off the business side of things and changing it in the evenings to be “couple time” or “family time” often is non-existent.

We understand, because we have been there,  same as you, in that very space.

Glenn and I were young when we started building… We had two young children at the time,  then over the next few years, while also working in the business, we had three more children. Life was busy!

Evenings for Glenn were often spent quoting for new jobs to keep the work rolling in, and paying subbies and suppliers. It seemed like a never ending cycle.

Yes, being a girl can be tough!  Being a Builder or Tradies partner can make it tougher!

So You ask, “What is it that changes when you get some business coaching from someone who understands?”

MINDSET!  Business Coaching changes your mindset.

Simple,  yet true.

A shift in your mindset is the beginning of many changes for the better.

In the video attached Lynelle Westley from Walcha in New South Wales tells how business coaching changed the whole dynamic of their home and because of it,  their children and their relationship have changed for the better.
They had tried all sorts of different ways to make money and to run their businesses with the family suffering as a result, but the shift happened when a few key elements came together for them and their family.
We love the outcome of this story.  It’s actually typical of many Australian business owners. The struggle is real, and most people aren’t reaching out for help. 
Lynelle says, Yes, it does cost you money,  but the rewards FAR outweigh the costs…. Coaching with someone who knows your industry and who understands what it takes to succeed in business is the key to your success. 
It’s exciting to see people’s lives changed by putting strategies and systems in place. By engaging a coach to at least help you get started, you are well on your way to success, and a better family life. 

You can check out our 90 Day Obligation Free Offer here  You will be so glad you did!

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