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Glenn Leet Builders Coach


For most builders there is a tension between being the tradesman and being the business man and building your business. Most builders are great at one and struggle with the other.

I believe that you have the potential to be great at both.

Through 30 years of being in the building sector as a tradesman, builder, business owner and now franchisor, coach and public speaker, I aim to bring value and insight to your business.

If it's time you got the right advice and accountability from a business coach that has walked the road already then you've found the right place.

Builders Business Coaching

Glenn gets alongside his clients and provides help with their business and the building industry that comes from decades of hands on experience as a business owner and builders business coach.

Builders Business Software

Glenn has developed a reliable and proven quick estimating system called iProx™ which is constantly updated and customised for every builder.

Builders Business Marketing

Glenn can equip you with the right marketing tools and services to help you spend less time promoting and more time building.

Insights only experience can share

Million Dollar Trades Business

by Glenn Leet with Kurt Hegetschweiler

Construction is a fickle business. Profit is low, good staff are hard to find, business is difficult, right? Wrong ... not for everyone. Fortunately, regardless of who you are, these issues can be fixed.

In fact, the simplest solutions are often the most effective. Renowned businessman, John Rollwagen, puts it perfectly when he says "The secret of business, especially these days, is to focus relentlessly on your unfair advantage - the thing you do that others don't."

Building Trades Sales System Blueprint

Plug the hole in your sales process with our "Building Trades Sales System Blueprint"

Hands down, sales is the biggest inefficiency in the construction industry. The "Builder Sales System Blueprint" is a specific and detailed sales strategy that helps you win more quotes while increasing your profit margins.