Angela and Glenn Leet

Angela Leet
Interior Designer | Colour Consultant
Glenn Leet
Builder, Developer and Business Entrepreneur

After both Angela and Glenn had completed their different training – Glenn finishing his carpentry apprenticeship, building supervision, and a business degree; Angela completing a two year course in Interior Design;  they started a building company. This company went from strength to strength, utilizing the skills of both to empower others to succeed and to build homes that were the dreams of hundreds of people.


The building and development journey has taken them to many places. They have moved their family many times in the process of change and management of their business. This has been a blessing to their family and has helped develop many skillsets. They have faced many challenges and overcome them.  They believe that using their skills to encourage and help others in a nurturing and inclusive environment is the best way to share their skills and knowledge.


Glenn comes with his 25 years of business expertise and experience in the building and development industry.


Angela comes with her lifetime passion and love for colour and interior design; 15 years of ‘on the job’ experience creating colour schemes for clients homes,  designing and formulating whole projects for their building company and clients from concept to completion of the building process, through to the final fit-out of the furnishings and interior design of the homes.


They invite you to experience their services as they offer you something different to the ‘norm’. contact


They offer you business coaching and consulting. Help to get your business firing. Help for tradies to sharpen their business skills ensuring that they will earn more money.

They offer colour consulting and interior design help, Decluttering of your home, Staging your home for sale, Help with buying furniture or updating your soft furnishings, Renovating advice, Colour advice, House design advice.

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