Some building companies go through phases where the skills to operate the business are in place but the legal framework to provide a builders licence is not available. These reasons may include staff changes, training deficiencies or business startup/sale events.


Glenn can assist building companies in this phase by temporarily joining the management team with the right skills network to provide the oversight and  support to ensure the company can either commence or continue trading as a builder.


This scenario is usually combined with other service offers and requires careful planning and oversight. We help ensure all the statutory and training requirements are fulfilled to ensure your building business can trade successfully and profitably in both the short and long term and those wishing to achieve an Australian builders licence can do so with the correct support and guidance. 


Other clients want to seamlessly make the transition from building trades to a builders licence and need help with the legal and accounting maze that accompanies this transition. Inspired Trades Business Coaching has helped many clients from the immigrant and local communities with the guidance, advice and practical support needed like completing applications, business structures and insurance applications to successfully become a licenced builder in Australia.



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