Building businesses go through many cycles. Startup is an exciting time with many worries. Periods of growth bring new and unique challenges and downturns are difficult to manage.


But where does a builder turn for advice? Competitors won't help, staff are busy, accountants are running late with tax compliance work!


Glenn can help with these many business cycles and provide coaching and strategic direction and advise that will be invaluable for the direction and success of your business.


Glenn gets alongside his clients and provides insight into their business and the industry that comes from decades of hands on experience.

As a Business coach Glenn will help you:

  1. Create an amazing Brand for your business that is saleable.
  2. Structure your Staffing so that your business is profitable.
  3. Implement Marketing strategies that are low cost and effective.
  4. Manage Legal Disputes and recover bad debts.
  5. Develop Systems and Processes that allow you to be free of the daily grind.
  6. Approach your Purchasing decisions like a major builder.
  7. Review your Contracts and documents to improve your negotiation position with clients & subcontractors.
  8. Advise on techniques for business Growth, Decline and Crisis Management.
  9. Understand your Financial Reports and make them useful for decision making.
  10. Be Accountable for the performance targets that are agreed.

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