Angela - studied Interior Design with The Design Academy prior to working as colour consultant and interior designer at a progressive and successful building company.  For many years the homes that Angela has helped design, plan and create through her interior design skills have won multiple awards in many towns of Australia. You can see some of her projects at  houzz


Angela has loved styling and design ever since she was a kid. As a young girl she would sit for hours drawing house designs and placing furniture in the best places on her plans.  She would spend hours building ‘houses’ for her dolls and creating furniture and soft furnishings and clothing for her toys. She would build “cities” and “towns” for the matchbox cars, with her brothers and sisters in the paddock wash-outs on the family farm.


Her dad used to often be heard commenting…. ‘where’s my book,  has Angela cleaned up again?’  Always changing spaces to create something new, always enjoying colour and design  in its various forms and textures. Her world is a world of colour and design!


This love of colour and design continued into adulthood.  Marrying at a young age to the man of her dreams (Glenn Leet 😊)  who was doing his carpentry apprenticeship, and building “spec” homes together as they built their family and life together … (they have 5 children).

Angela's Qualifications and Experience


  1. 15 years of experience on the job, creating and helping the building designers to create workable living spaces for clients as well as for display homes and spec homes for the Company.
  2. 15 years of experience - meeting clients, doing their colour selections which included everything from the exterior bricks and roof, through to the fittings and fixtures and colours of the home.
  3. 15 years experience designing, project managing and fitting out of display homes.
  4. 2 years working full time in Real Estate Sales and New Homes Sales.
  5. 2 years experience working in a retail curtain shop which including sales and sewing curtains for customers.
  6. As a teenager Angela started a clothing brand called PATCHDAX and created, sewed and sold dozens of pairs of patchwork shorts and shirts and jumpers for customers.
  7. Angela also has her Certificate IV in Fitness, and is active within the fitness industry. Personal training and motivating people to be the best they can be is one of her passions.
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