Complete the questionnaire and we will be in touch to discuss our unique offer. The questions will help us understand if we are the right fit for your business.


What type of business are you in? (e.g. Residential New Homes,Reno’s, Commercial, Maintenance, Tiling, Paving, Plumbing, Electrical etc).
What are the three primary product(s) or service(s) you sell?
In your business what do you feel you do well?
In your business which areas do you feel you could improve?
Do you have a database of current and past customers? Yes or No
Of all the clients that purchase from you what is the average $ sale?
My profit margin is: (% you make after ALL expenses are deducted)
Do you prepare or review a monthly profit and loss statement?
Do you have a current business plan, updated in the last 6 months.
Please describe the purpose of your business in 25 words or less.
Please give a brief overview of what your goals were when you started, or took over the business?
What are the main frustrations you want solved within your business?
How many hours each week do you work now? ...........How many would you like to work?..............
Describe your 3 major sources of stress, frustration or unhappiness that interfere with your productivity and rob you of your peace of mind.
How many marketing strategies or systems do you have in place that consistently generate new business for you?
If you had one wish that we could work together on in your business in the next 30 days, what would it be?
How many marketing strategies or systems do you have in place that consistently stimulate repeat business locking in continued renewable income and or stimulating referrals?
Why do you think that you are a good candidate for this program?

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