Can I be Happy and Own a Building Trades Business? photo

Can I be Happy and Own a Building Trades Business?

What do you need to be happy?

Of course, we know it’s not stuffthat makes us happy. Instead, real and lasting happiness comes fromsomething different entirely; something elegantly simple and entirelyattainable. 

So, what’s the answer for lastinghappiness?


If you aren’t growing, you aredying. It turns out that happiness that is true and lasting is quitesimply this: progress. If you are growing and giving, you will be happy. If you are moving forward in your life, if you are progressing personally,professionally, emotionally, spiritually — you will be happy. It is onlyin stagnation that we wilt.

Remember the adage “The journey of athousand miles begins with a single step.” We all know it’s true, so thereal question is what have you been meaning to do that you’re afraid to tackle? What journey are you longing to take but can’t seem to get started? Is itthe journey to improve your building trades business, or upskill yourleadership? If you set a goal, and move towards it, step by step, it isin that movement, that progress, that you will find true happiness.

What can you do to start along the pathto progress and move toward happiness tomorrow? Find a business coach thespecialises in building trades and book your first appointment. Once you startdown that path, you’re certain to find the joy you desire and deserve.

AdaptedTony Robbins May 2019