Whats Your Why? photo

Whats Your Why?

Business consultants tell us we must be very clear on the WHY ... but what does that even mean and why does it matter?

For Wayne the WHY has been critical in giving him the stamina to reach for business success. Wayne said, 'The reason I decided to step into a systemised business model and get fair-dinkum about being a builder was that I was sick of crawling around roofs and under old buildings. I was working as a pre-purchase building inspector and was just over it. So I had a very compelling 'WHY' to systemise my business'.

Like every builder Wayne has had a bumpy road to travel. Learning new skills, adopting new habits and leveraging different resources is challenging and draining. Wayne had heaps of times he just felt like quitting and going back to what he knew best but the WHY always propelled him forward.

Now in his second year with the iGyro software system Wayne is starting to see the results of his commitment to the process. Wayne said,' We're now seeing two very solid enquiries every week and we're starting to build a pipeline of work with a profitable and sustainable systemised business'

Every builder needs to be clear on the WHY because when you know the WHY you can go the distance through any challenge and reap the reward that successful business ownership can deliver.