Walking with you through the journey of owning a building business in 2022 photo

Walking with you through the journey of owning a building business in 2022

New Years marks a date of a clean slate and new beginnings. For a lot of people, New Years is their opportunity to learn from the prior year and make positive changes in their lives. For businesses, it is a golden chance to be able to launch their products and services to greater heights, increasing engagement but most of all making certain that engagement turns into a long lasting mutual trust between the organisation and the clients.


What makes this year extra special, is that it is another step farther from the adversities brought about by the pandemic and another step closer to economic restoration. It is no secret that businesses, no matter how big, have struggled during this time, every effort was exerted just to make the company stay afloat and continue to provide products and services even in the most trying of times. Indeed, adjustments were made and lessons are learned but in this new year, the path to redemption has been reached and the gate to innovation is being opened, most especially for the building industry. 


The financial crisis that was experienced by the country and the rest of the world was so severe that there was no way of telling if anyone would even be interested in trying to secure a home or even negotiate of plans of building one but the influx of people that are looking for housing in smaller towns due to flexible WFH setup even led the demands of housing and rent to sky rocket that eventually resulted to a housing crisis says otherwise. Albeit, a little unexpected, there are also families from bigger cities realising how they would appreciate living in a more peaceful setting so they are also setting out to find their own personal haven in the suburbs. 


With this alone, you can tell that the building industry in the country will be busy in the next few years to be able to provide the rest of the population with services that may also be a key part in helping the economy. But then again, there are already quite a few established builders in the country so how can you make sure that the same amount of trust will be given to your humble organisation?


Well, first, you will have to meet Glenn Leet. 


Glenn has been in the building industry for 30 years. He made it his mission to give your business a clear path of innovation and success through encouraging potential customers to engage into your business. He believes that it begins with innovation but should also be followed through with consistency because trust and loyalty are earned not just by revolutionary developments but by being regular and steady.


The journey that Glenn took to become the director of Australia's fastest growing residential housing company was a long and challenging one. He first completed his carpentry apprenticeship, building supervision, and a business degree. After completing his education, in hopes to empower others to reach for their own dreams as well, Glenn was inspired to start a building company with his accomplished wife, Angela. Together, they shared their passion to the rest of the building industry with Glenn making himself available  to engage as a building industry Professional Speaker for industry events at no charge.


As Glenn Leet used to say, “I believe that using my skills to encourage and help others in a nurturing and inclusive environment is the best way to share my skills and knowledge.” 


Take it from a man who started from where you are and is currently at where you want to be.