The Kids Thanked Dad for Changing photo

The Kids Thanked Dad for Changing

When Ralph started business coaching he never new what lasting and impactful results it would have on his wife and children. Ralph knew something needed to change or he needed to get out of the building game but what to change and how?

Ralph took his wife Lynelle to a HIA Business Coaching workshop in Armidale NSW presented by Glenn Leet from Inspired Trades Business Coaching. They listened for the day and decided that even if they couldn't afford business coaching they couldn't afford not to!

What Ralph didn't expect was the impact business coaching would have on his family. Ralph shares in the video below how his three kids wrote a card to him thanking him for changing and Lynelle shares what it's done to restore harmony to their home.

Ralph said,' I've probably wasted the last thirty years of my life trying to figure out my building business without much success. After business coaching for six months Glenn invited me to take on an Integrity New Homes franchise and since then I haven't looked back. I might have been a slow starter in this game of business but I'm going to be a strong finisher and that all comes down to a choice I made to start changing myself. I assure you if I can do it, anyone can do it with the right help and advice'.The results for Ralph have not only been psychological. Ralph shares, 'I've made more money in the first six months of this year, than the whole 12 months of last year and I expect that profit growth to continue year on year'.