Texture and your home photo

Texture and your home

Have you ever thought about the spaces in your home.... what is actually IN them?  If you take a look around,  there are MANY different colours and textures that make the space feel the way it does. 

Texture is defined by the feel,  appearance or consistency of the surface.  If you were speaking specifically about fabrics or floor coverings you could say the character or appearance of a textile fabric is determined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads.  

In the design world,  we LOVE texture!  It is what makes a space feel like a home,  it creates atmosphere and feelings. 

Choosing a floor mat that has texture is an example of adding instant texture to a room that might otherwise be very clinical. 

My next blog is going to go into floor mats more.  Make sure you sign up to keep up to date. :) 

I look forward to bringing LOTS of ideas, inspiration and COLOUR into your world. 

Ange X