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Speaking Opportunities for 2022

Engagement, a word that is casually thrown around especially when one is involved in the field of business. It is the one word that guarantees the stability and continuous improvement of the business, making sure that it is getting enough attention from the target market.

One of the best ways to promote customer engagement is to be able to communicate with your potential customers through various initiatives that will allow them to know more about the products and services that you offer. A common yet effective initiative is setting up an event, however this is easier said than done because hosting an event is not an easy feat, you have to plan everything from the theme up to the tiniest details. Of course, you would want your efforts to bear into fruition so you have to be smart with what you include in the programme which should definitely feature a professional whose primary goal is to get people's attention with nothing more than smart words and charming personality.

A Building Industry Professional Speaker is the marketing engagement strategy you never knew you needed. He keeps customers engaged giving your business a clear path of innovation and success. He can turn this engagement into a solid long-term partnership that can produce increasing sales numbers and audience engagement.More customer interactions lead buyers to find your brand more valuable and provide you with customer insights. Those customer insights can inform marketing decisions such as retargeting and content development, as well as sales processes such as messaging and outreach methods.

The marketing engagement strategy you never knew you needed is Glenn Leet. Glenn is now making himself available  to engage as a building industry Professional Speaker for industry events at no charge. As a building industry expert, he is more than willing to share what has kept him successful in the industry. He will also promote building industry organisations and suppliers that can benefit from his speaking services.

Glenn has worked in the building industry for 30 years. Together with his wife Angela, they launched a construction company after finishing his carpenter apprenticeship, building supervision, and a business degree. The company’s mission was to empower others to succeed and to build the dream for hundreds of people. His building and development journey has taken him to many places, honing his skills as director of Australia's fastest growing residential housing company.

His experiences enable him to be versatile, having no problem with working in a construction site or speaking in a boardroom in front of people. He is more than eager to discuss what has kept him successful in the field as a building industry specialist. He'll also promote organisations and suppliers in the building industry who could gain from his speaking skills.

As Glenn Leet once said, “I believe that using my skills to encourage and help others in a nurturing and inclusive environment is the best way to share my skills and knowledge.” He aims to inspire others and add importance and impactful insights to your business and/or events. Glenn also aims to maximise the value for your attendees.

Engage with your clients, engage with Glenn. Be inspired, now.