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Renovations to New Homes

From Business Goals to Reality

Nathan and his wife Stacey had their own building business and were making it happen. Slowly but surely they had built up a reputation in a small regional community as the go to builder for renovations and additions. Nathan was detailed and particular and his clients appreciated the value for money and service. The only problem was the financial rewards were not matching the efforts.

Nathan knew there had to be a better way but was not sure what to do to change things in the business when he attended a Housing Industry Association Builders Business Coaching event presented by Glenn Leet from Inspired Trades Business Coaching. He listened for the day and realised things needed to change and change fast.

New home building had seemed out of Nathans reach until he learnt that anything can be achieved through the power of goal setting and consistent action in the direction of that goal and now, one year after first setting his mind to that task Nathan is about to commence construction on his first new home for a client. 

Nathan said,' Business coaching has been super helpful but what I didn't expect was all the addons that come with the coaching. I didn't realise I would have access to specialist builders software. I didn't realise how much we would save from the builders buying group. I didn't realise all the marketing and systems support and training and resources we would get'.

With Nathans determined and disciplined approach to business and the support of Glenn and the team from Inspired Trades Business Coaching Nathan is setting himself up for a very successful 2020 and the financial rewards of the coming decade will be worth the challenges of the business restructure and new skills he's needed to master.