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Professional Speaker - Building Industry Events

“The principle is simple: give someone a gift before you attempt to persuade them and they're much more likely to give you something back.”

According to psychologist and researcher Robert Cialdini this is one of the most fundamental principles governing human relations,  the Law of Reciprocity. This law states that our brains are deeply programmed to maintain a mental scorecard of giving and receiving. If someone gives us a gift, we feel obligated to do something in return. If we ask a favor, we’re anxious to someday do one in return.

This is usually the formula of how business transactions work: you offer your customers products and services and they give you something back in the form of their trust and loyalty. This sounds simple enough, but the actual process of giving and receiving is actually much more complicated than that. 

As an enterprise, you are expected to be the one that shall initiate the giving through your products and services. Although you can just keep on giving, how can you make sure that your gift will even be well-received? How can you entice potential customers that what you are offering is beneficial to them and are worth their consideration at the very least?

Well, it can be through another gift. 

A Building Industry Professional Speaker is a gift that keeps on giving. He gives your business a clear path of innovation and success through encouraging potential customers to engage into your business. He can turn this engagement into a solid long-term partnership that can produce increasing sales numbers and audience engagement. He is Glenn Leet.

Glenn has been in the building industry for 30 years. After completing his carpentry apprenticeship, building supervision, and a business degree, he started a building company together with his wife Angela. This company’s mission was to empower others to succeed and to build the dream for hundreds of people. 

His building and development journey has taken him to many places, honing his skills as director of Australia's fastest growing residential housing company. Despite his extensive expertise on actual construction, these days he is equally comfortable on a building site with a nail bag as he is in a boardroom wearing a suit, or on a development site with a laser level.

Glenn is now making himself available  to engage as a building industry Professional Speaker for industry events at no charge. As a building industry expert, he is more than willing to share what has kept him successful in the industry. He will also promote building industry organizations and suppliers that can benefit from his speaking services.

As Glenn Leet once said, “I believe that using my skills to encourage and help others in a nurturing and inclusive environment is the best way to share my skills and knowledge.” He aims to inspire others and add importance and impactful insights to your business and/or events. Glenn also aims to maximise the value for your attendees. 

Be inspired by a man who is equally inspiring and share this inspiration to others.