Don't Market My Business ... I've Got to Much Work photo

Don't Market My Business ... I've Got to Much Work

The Jacobs family were always known as good tradesmen. Work hard, do the right thing, look after people and the work looks after itself. But Ray knew there was more to be had.

Ray wanted to double his turnover and profit every year. Fairly simple business goal and one he was on track to achieve after his first three years in business. But Ray was getting outside his comfort zone with the business. He wasn't trained with a business degree and didn't feel like going to university. 

That's when he met Glenn Leet at a Housing Industry Association business workshop event for builders. Glenn showed him how business improvement for builders is a teachable skill and that by simply getting 1% better each week and using proven and systemised strategies Ray could achieve his business goals year on year.

Ray said,'Getting a building industry specialist business coach like Glenn has been amazing for my business. We have regular video calls one on one and I can call him for help any time I need it. I've even benefited from the buying group as well'.

Rays eye watering margins are a testament to his overflowing pipeline of work and his commitment to continual improvement. His no smoking on the job site policy has also raised the eyebrows of many of the tradesmen in town but Ray knows its the small things that his clients value and that's why they keep queuing up to do business with Jacobs Building.