Client Side Project Management photo

Client Side Project Management

Every building project needs an actively involved client and builder to be a success. Projects that are left simply to the builder, no matter how good the builder, will never achieve the same results as an actively engaged client can achieve.

Client side project management can deliver the same results for clients that do not have either the time or skills to engage in their building project.

Because Glenn and Angela  have  worked on both sides of the fence in this process they bring unique insight into the decision making. Builders need clear instructions and sustainable prices. Clients need fair pricing and quality construction outcomes.

Glenn knows how to navigate a fair outcome for both whilst delivering client sided representation in the best interests of their project.

Angela has designed and managed the building of dozens of Award and Multi Award Winning homes throughout her 15 years actively involved in the building industry.

She has worked with trades and builders to provide the best outcome for clients. Her eye for detail when it comes to the finished product is second to none.

Glenn will get the job done. Angela will make sure it looks good.  Perfect winning combination to ensure that YOU, the client, has the home of your dreams at the end of the process.