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Rapid Estimating for Builders

Pricing work as new home builder in Australia canbe difficult and time consuming as suppliers and subcontractors are constantlymoving their prices (usually upwards) and keeping track of it all ischallenging. Builders and their estimators usually have one of two options: preparea detailed bill of quantities that calculates costs line by line; or throw asquare meter rate at it.

Neither of these options for quoting are sensible.Most clients assume you are doing a detailed bill of quantities (although mostare not prepared to pay for the quote) but most builders are throwing squaremeter rates at the quotes because they don’t have the time or the systems to doit any other way.

As a residential builder I faced the same problem.I didn’t have the time to quote everything in detail but I knew a square meterrate was dangerous and problematic so what I did over the course of fifteenyears with the help of a software coder was write iGyro. This dedicatedbuilders’ job management software includes a systemised way to produce accurateand fast quotes for all types of new homes without needing to spend days on thetask. We have calculated that the average time to produce accurate quotes fromthe system is twenty minutes (faster on some designs).’

Not only are the quotes fast for the builder to preparebut they are also formatted easily for the client to understand. I personally haveproven that a properly trained user of this quoting tool for builders canachieve margins within a two-percentage accuracy range which is exactly thesame margin of error as any other estimating process.

This quoting software is the only boutique solutionin the Australian market now that you can be trained and mentored in the useoff by a builder and industry specialist, Glenn Leet. Glenn will personally trainhis coaching clients on the use of iGyro and the quotation module untilmastery is achieved by the user.

If you are tired of staying up late and workingweekends to get quotes on unique and custom homes to clients find a system thatis fast, accurate and proven in the Australian building industry and you’ll beonto an invaluable building business solution.