Leaving Your Building Trade Business Stress at Work photo

Leaving Your Building Trade Business Stress at Work

Is your work and business life sapping the joy out of your home and family?

You’re not alone. Stress is a part of most jobs. Here are five ways to operate your business successfully without adding stress to the lives of the very people who most want to support you.

Communicate — carefully. 

When you’re not fully present at home because you’re distracted by work, your family might interpret your lack of attention to mean that you don’t value them or that they did something wrong. Instead, be transparent about what’s going on.

But don’t over communicate to the point of worrying young minds with problems that might overly concern them. Keep it brief and assure them you have it under control.

Transition - intentionally. 

Come up with ways to intentionally make the transition from work mode to home mode. You might look at a family photo before you leave work as a way to redirect your focus to your family.

Download - elsewhere. 

Your family provides you with support and is sensitive to your stressors and moods. Although it’s helpful to communicate with them about what’s on your mind, be sure not to unload all your pent-up emotions on them.

Find a trusted friend, colleague, or coach — or maybe someone from your personal board of directors — who can support you during times of high stress.

Set a day aside – every week. 

Let your family know when you’ll be home and fully present and agree on a day. On this day, you need to switch off the phone, stay away from the computer and plan special events and fun.

Count your blessings. 

Research shows that gratitude has many benefits, including reduced stress. Before you get home, review your workday to identify one thing — no matter how small — for which you’re grateful.

By using these strategies you will loosen the grip stress has on you and preserve your family life from work stress.

Adapted HBR March 2019 Nawaz