How to Have a Profitable Building Trades Business and Still Have a Life photo

How to Have a Profitable Building Trades Business and Still Have a Life

I often talk to business owners in the trades who think thatthe key to a successful and profitable business is to work yourself to the boneand never take a break. Sometimes they wear the pain like a badge of honour andcelebrate the fact they haven’t had a holiday for years.

This is both a terrible mistake and false. The best businessowners (and all of our longstanding clients) understand that there is a directlink between successful and profitable building trades business ownership anddisciplined time off. The best leaders are very good at working hard when itstime for work, and forgetting about work to connect with friends and family andthemselves so they can rejuvenate their mind.

To start this discipline the first step is to aim for 24consecutive hours break per week. The same time every week is ideal, and a timethat allows connection with your family is better still. If business owners adoptthis one simple discipline and commit to it firmly, massive mental clarityfollows.

With mental clarity you can assess your business properly andrealise that the steps to sustainable profit are really summarised as follows:

1. Financial and time management clarity.

2. Identifying a Profitable Niche.

3. Marketing to that niche using educational marketingtechniques.

4. Systemising every aspect of your sales, administration anddelivery.

5. Employing a great team.

6. Having a mentor or business coach to keep you on track.