The 6 Leadership Skills Every Building Trade Business Owner Should Know photo

The 6 Leadership Skills Every Building Trade Business Owner Should Know

The 6 Leadership SkillsEvery Building Trade Business Owner Should Know

Research haspointed to six leadership skills that are particularly important. These are notmysterious and certainly aren’t new. However, the leaders we talked withemphasized that these fundamental skills really matter. Aspiring leadersshould focus on practicing these essential basics:

· Shape a vision that is exciting and challenging for your team (ordivision/unit/organization).

· Translate that vision into a clear strategy about what actions to take,and what not to do.

· Recruit, develop, and reward a team of great people to carry outthe strategy.

· Focus on measurable results.

· Foster innovation and learning to sustain your team (or organization)and grow new leaders.

· Lead yourself — know yourself, improve yourself, and manage theappropriate balance in your own life.

No matter where youare in your business, you can find opportunities to practice these six skills.You’ll have varying degrees of success, which is normal. But by reflecting onyour successes and failures at every step, and getting feedbackfrom colleagues and mentors, you’ll keep making positive adjustments and findmore opportunities to learn.

Eventually, as youprogress, you’ll reach a level of capability in these areas such that you’llstart seeing results: you’ll successfully make things happen through the peoplewho work for you on your team. As you succeed, these results will begin tobuild upon one another. You’ll have become a leader, capable of rallying anorganization of people around a meaningful collective goal and delivering theresults to reach it.

Adapted HBR Oct 2018 Ashkenas &Manville