Don’t Have One To-Do List — Have Three photo

Don’t Have One To-Do List — Have Three

A to-do list can help you stay organized and focused, in fact they are foundational to achieving optimal profit, workflow and cash flow in your trade business. But it can also become overwhelming when it gets too long and you’re not sure what to tackle next. Try keeping three lists — and a calendar. To start off, think about all of the tasks assigned to you. Which of them truly have to get done (chances are, some don’t)? And which are truly urgent? On the first to-do list, write down your projects that are important but aren’t time-sensitive. On the second, write the things that are important and need to get done today. The third list is a not-to-do list, to remind you which things aren’t worth your time and which can be done by someone else. Then use the calendar to block out time for each important task according to its deadline. Once you get control of your priorities, you’ll feel liberated to focus on what really matters to your business.

Adapted from HBR June 2018 Rimm