Start The Task You’ve Been Avoiding photo

Start The Task You’ve Been Avoiding

Areyou someone that knows what the next step for your business is after each coaching session but getting started on the next step is always a challenge? Perhaps you never get to that important but hard thing, accomplishing all sorts of smaller tasks but avoiding this one. Or perhaps you’re simply sluggish getting to it, wasting valuable time in the process. The most productive people I know move right through these moments, wasting little time and getting to their most important work and conversations quickly, without hesitation.

Our minds and bodies have an incredible capacity to adapt to just about anything. The hard part is rarely being in the new normal, it’s adjusting to the new normal. The hard part is the transition.

Start with willpower: willpower in a moment is much more reliable than willpower over long stretches of time.

Commit to repetition:pre-decide that you’re to do it, taking out the uncertainty and deliberation, and therefore the hesitation.

Benefit from adaptability:the mental and physical challengecan so diminish that the transition is no longer experienced as pain. What was, previously, extreme discomfort, will become refreshing.

[Adapted from HBR May 30 2018 by Peter Bregman]